Artists and Athletes for Malaria Eradication Kenya (AAMAKE, Inc.) is a Nonprofit organization which raises funds with the added support of artists and athletes in the United States and Kenya to provide insecticide treated nets for the people exposed to Malaria in Kenya, especially in many remote regions. The cost of providing a net is surprisingly small; less than $10. The mechanism for distribution of these nets is arranged through “AAMAKE, Inc.,” and our personalized “Adopt a School Program.”

About the Adopt a School Program:
 Organized with schools in the United States, the Kenya school and their students, teachers, and leaders will distribute the nets throughout their home communities. By protecting the people in the infected regions we can save lives! Artists & Athletes For Malaria Eradication in Kenya ''Source: Division of Malaria Control, Kenya, www.nmcp.or.ke'' Friends and family members participate in the simple process and the celebration for the installation of a malaria treated net. Stopping Malaria Saves Lives! ''Source: Division of Malaria Control, Kenya, www.nmcp.or.ke'' Presentation to village members in an exposed region in Kenya for the use of protective treated nets, being certain that everyone understands their nightly use. ''Source: Division of Malaria Control, Kenya, www.nmcp.or.ke''

About Kenya
Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean and Surrounded by Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. Its population is approximately 41 million people, although 42% of that population is under fifteen years of age. Most Kenyans are only expected to live to age 60; mainly because healthcare is not as readily available as it is in other countries. 

Kenya doesn’t have the economy to support a good healthcare system. Although it is the regional hub for trade in East Africa, Kenya’s economy has been hindered by corruption and reliance upon several primary goods whose prices have remained low. According to the CIA’s World Factbook, more than half of Kenya’s population is considered “Below the Poverty Line.”
Malaria is a disease that kills. 
Without the insecticide treated mosquito nets that we provide, many of those Kenyans wouldn’t be alive today because of the Malaria-infested Mosquito bites that they would’ve gotten. But we still need your help. Many of the children (42% of the entire population) still need protection.